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Tenerife’s Race track gets the green light

IT’S all systems go for Tenerife’s long-awaited motor-racing track. The Cabildo confirmed on Tuesday that it had awarded Italian company Ronda Ross the 30-million-euro contract to build the track and infrastructure in Atogo, Granadilla.

The building work, which will take 21 months, begins shortly. Onda Rossa has also been awarded the administrative and management contract for the next 35 years.

Cabildo President Carlos Alonso said the company had considerable experience in Italy, constructing roads, airports and car parks, and has worked on the Monza circuit.

The project is already under way, and the actual physical work begins in late June or early July.

The initial spend is 23.8m euros, of which 21.4m will go on the track and 2.4m on access points. Another 240,000 euros will be spent purchasing land just south of the track to aid access.

In addition, 4.2m will be spent on equipment and another million will go on miscellaneous matters such as a control room, security cameras, closed-circuit TV, a perimeter fence and sundry staffing.

The motor complex will occupy over 1.3m square metres. The main track is just over 4km in length, with a top speed for a Formula 1 test car of around 310kph.

Alonso said:  “This award is very important to the Island for the generation of economic activity and job creation – and it adds to the tourism industry.”

Via Canarianweekly