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Best Boat Trip ever

I want to share my little adventure story with all of you. We recently have been out at sea with the Muscat Catamaran. And what could i say. It was absolutely lovely. I have lived in Tenerife for about 20 Years now and never seen that many Dolphins and Whales around. The trip i went on, later was declared as best tip on TripAdvisor. We had fun all over and I want to share some of the pictures I took. The Trip just starts as normal. After a short safety advise we left Las Galletas Harbor and set sail to the Atlantic ocean. After a short time the first family of Dolphins appear to our ship. I never seen such funny Dolphins like that. Everyone aboard the Catamaran can’t stop to watch them playing around. Meanwhile snorkeling we even saw a Sea turtle next to us. If you are on Tenerife don’t miss to go with Muscat to see the Dolphins and Whales. They take care of everything. From the Pickup Service over Catering on board till the snorkeling stop.  Just book with “Now Tenerife” on Golf del Sur and have fun for a whole day.

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